Promotional Bottles from Novel Tees - Leading Supplier of drink bottles in Sydney

There are a number of reasons why custom printed promotional bottles could be just the solutions you’ve been searching for – perhaps you regularly play sport, you spend a large portion of your day chained to your desk, or you just always seem to be on the go. Novel Tees has a wide range of customised bottles to choose from – including plastic, glass and metal – plus we offer bottles water, plastic cups and even protein shakers to ensure your needs are met.

Plastic Bottles

A fantastic addition to any marketing campaign – particularly if you want to stand out from the crowd – promotional plastic bottles are our most popular choice thanks to their durability and potential for customisation. Carrying a bottle is far more eco-friendly than buying pre-bottled water, plus it encourages us to drink more water.

Metal Bottles

If durability is your top concern, promotional metal bottles will be your ideal match. They’re made from either aluminium or steel and will stand the test of time (not to mention almost anything else you can throw at them). Rest assured that they’ll come back in one piece at the end of the day – regardless of whether they’ve been to school with the kids or rolling around in your car.

Glass Bottles

Previously avoided due to their fragility, promotional glass bottles are fast becoming a popular choice when making a statement in your branding is key. Keep them in the fridge or on your desk to ensure that refreshing water is always at hand, just be aware that they’re less suited to carrying on the go because there is still a chance of breakage.

Protein Shakers

Most people who are serious about fitness will use protein powder as a part of either their workout preparation or recovery (perhaps even both). A convenient way to mix your shakes, simply fill promotional protein shaker bottles with water, add the powder when you’re ready, shake to combine and enjoy. The handy lid helps to prevent leakage, making these bottles portable.

Bottled Water

From festivals and concerts to sporting events, there are a number of situations in which pre-filled bottles of water is a more appropriate giveaway. From our small 250ml varieties through to our large 600ml ones, your promotional bottled water is sure to fit the bill. They make a great advertising tool, too – simply add your corporate logo and marketing message.


From serving signature cocktails at an event to fun favours at a celebration, there are some situations where a cup is more preferable to a bottle (usually for appearance). Fortunately, we have promotional drinkware to match. From tumblers to stadium cups to double-walled and mason jars, we’re sure to have an option that ticks all your boxes.

Custom bottles in Sydney encourage employees to spend more time at their desks (rather than interrupting their workflow with frequent trips to the water cooler) and keep you hydrated during your commute – they're incredibly convenient, we could go on and on!

Research suggests that BPA can leech from plastic containers into our food and beverages. It poses a number of health affects (particularly amongst foetuses and children). At Novel Tees, your health is important to us - this is why all of our personalised bottles are completely BPA free.

Add to your company branding – all of our printed bottles can be fully customised, ensuring that you get just the exposure you desire. From clever marketing messages to a simple corporate logo, finish the look off with colours that complement your brand.

Areas We Serve

For more than 16 years now, Novel Tees and Promo Bottles Sydney has been providing clients around the city with high quality personalised drink bottles. We ship to all suburbs, from Bondi and Randwick to Bardwell Park and the Blue Mountains. Please contact us for a quote on shipping to your location.